Friday, October 22, 2010


His Holiness the Dalai Lama is speaking today not too far away in our Provincial capital Toronto, on the topic of Human Approaches to World Peace. His press release says he will call all of us to revive our humanitarian values in the pursuit of peace. Such an invitation frees me to shamelessly celebrate and feel boundless hope because of how many times in a day or a week I am reminded of other people's compassion.

Here in Gracie Gardens the wind is celebrating these prayers for peace, too. And underneath, there are snakes settling in for the winter, we had another wagon full of leaves delivered, flower seeds are being eaten up by the birds, we managed to build a new feeder for the blue jays and even the bumble bees are hanging on, despite that there was snow in the air at dawn. All reminding us here of the ways that we can welcome and nurture diversity, be an honest participant in the complexity around us and marvel at the gifts that life brings us.


  1. hello to the Gardens wherein there is
    shameless celebration! love that. i keep
    trying to think of ways to say what's on my
    mind and as yet am unable....
    addresses the issue of sustainability and
    the interpretation of that construct. maybe
    one of these days it will just flow out of
    my mind. what interested me is your attention to what grows for instance along
    the railroad track where you forage for
    snake rocks.
    cucumbers do NOT grow along the road here. i
    can make anything grow, pretty much, by
    improving the soil in raised beds and providing however much water it needs. there
    is endless warmth and light. but recently,
    i am asking self if this "serves" sustainability? or, does it serve me.
    I like this definition of sustainability.
    "the capacity to endure". you can just let
    this comment rest if you would like, it's
    just an awkward attempt.

  2. Hi Grace! We are thinking the same thoughts. I have a draft post in the works about growing food- and about what it means to producers like you and us here; I think I'll post it, but I will also be following it up with another set of ideas that are on my mind. And I like very much your definition of sustainability....


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