Monday, November 8, 2010

For Grace from Windthread- a link about sustainability

The video in this November 5, 2010 post from 'No Impact Man', titled 'To Hell With Sustainability' came across my desk this weekend. It is a rewarding and inspiring few minutes, and I hope will find an interested audience with Grace from Windthread (who seems to have lots of extra reasons to be hopeful for the future these days!)

I hope No Impact Man doesn't mind me posting this link...


  1. gracie....i am crying.

    happen, couldn't it.

    i spent the year of 2008 and into 2009
    with Sharon Astyk of
    Depletion and Abundance
    i "met" No Impact Man then...
    and then for a while, i just got quiet.
    and after a while, i started making cloth.
    but all the time i stitch cloth, i think about a lot of things.
    what i have
    outside my little no impact trailer home
    what it meant/means.
    the questions no impact man poses:
    not Can we do it forever
    SHOULD we? then, WHY?
    because it is organic or "native" that
    you are always on my mind, gracie of the
    London Ontario Meadow...i will turn more of
    my mind to you now.
    thank you for being patient,

  2. ok.
    so, it's late and i am tired. BUT...
    i looked at the land outside here and there
    was all this space.
    i saw it as space to
    GROW things.
    i CAN grow pretty much anything.
    so, i started planting.
    Native Plants.
    native plants, meaning things that grow
    of their own volition in the desert of
    this part of America.
    and i watered them. with a hose.
    lots of people here are into Drip Systems.
    which really mean, stuff gets watered without
    you (a person) standing there with a hose

  3. can you tell i am paranoid about writing too
    many "characters" in a comment???
    so...i did this. it is GREAT. this spring
    i put up a skeleton of a green house, hoop
    house according to specs from the Ag College.
    ok. i will "grow" year round.
    well, suddenly...and because of the
    cloth making, i was not going outside so
    often. it took at least 2 hrs a day to
    water. and then, there was the ripping out
    of the kochia weed, among others. so, say,
    4 hours a day. hmmm.
    and i could see the "re-run" of when all my
    kids (adult kids) were here and my son was
    looking around, pleased,
    and my daughter said " yes, but if she wasn't
    here, in two weeks, most of it would be dead". sustainability. for what? for
    enough for tonight.

  4. and your last two sentences of the last post.
    City Farmer No More.
    this caught my attention. DO we ALL GROW?
    or do we make snake habitat, put stuff in
    that bees like and
    buy our food?

  5. i wish you would give up this post thing...
    having to wait.
    i like to see what i wrote right away.
    there is that little trash can icon. you
    can dump any comments you don't want with
    but seeing one's comment right away encourages more comment and we need
    more comment, yes?

  6. Oh Grace, you continue to amaze me, and I have lots of things to ask about. I have changed the 'comment moderation' (I think) and so they should appear right away. Thank you for letting me know I could do that.

    I have a full day tomorrow working outside, and so will have to compose my questions later. Thank you for your patience!

  7. questions will help me formulate my own
    thoughts too!!!!


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