Thursday, February 3, 2011

wearing your heart on your sleeve...

Today I got letters from two different students, each has a relative alive and working in Tahrir Square. Both sent letters from their relatives, each praises the resilience of the peaceful protesters. Each despairs that their civil disobedience has been met with violence. I will never, ever, take it for granted that I am free to teach about resistance, revolution and change as freely as I breath.


  1. You have a great attitude, Gracie. All of us with this freedom should be so appreciative.

    A good heart.

  2. yes. and also i am so Heartened by the
    achievements of the people in Egypt...i
    keep them in my own heart daily.
    Also, please look at the second comment
    that i finally put today...i just love that
    post, that "community" of cloths

  3. I also treasure the freedom along with the frustration of the the two party petty power
    struggles. It could be much worse and those
    brave people in Tahrir Square have reminded me.


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